Weekly Devotion

“Sing to God a brand-new song. He’s made a world of wonders. he rolled up his sleeves, he set things right.
God made history with salvation, he showed the world what he could do.
He remembered to love us, a bonus to his dear family, Israel – indefatigable love.
The whole earth comes to attention. Look – God’s work of salvation!
Shout your praises to God everybody! Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!
Round up an orchestra to play for God, add on a hundred-voice choir.
Feature the trumpets and big trombones, fill the air with praises to King God.
Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, with everything living on earth joining in.
Let ocean breakers call out “Encore” and mountains harmonize the finale.
A tribute to God when he comes, when he comes to set the earth right.
He’ll straighten out the whole world, He’ll put the world right, and everyone in it.”
Psalm 98:1-9 from Eugene Peterson’s “The Message”

The Psalmist calls us to ‘sing to God a brand-new song.’ I love that phrase. God wants our praise, our attention, and God wants us to sing. Music and worship of God go hand in hand because music at times can say things that spoken words cannot. Music is essential to worship because it opens our souls up so that we can be present to God and in turn God can be present to us.

From the very start, music has been important and essential. In the Levitical order of priests, the musicians were priests and it was a sacred responsibility. Throughout scripture we see many references to music and its part in worship. The Psalter are songs of lament as well as songs of praise. In the New Testament we have the song of Mary known as the Magnificat that she sang after she had learned about who the child was that she was carrying in her womb. Music is so integral to our story as Jesus followers.

This Sunday we will gather and share in a day of worship and a day of song. We will select hymns we know well, we will hear songs of praise, we will hear songs of prayer, we will hear songs of blessing. It will be a time where we can come together and hear our song. So, come and be blessed. Come and be filled. Come and be in the presence of God. Our worship service begins at 11:00, but I pray that we worship God continually.
See You Sunday!
Pastor Elise